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The current ENOITALIA company originated in the 1960s with the name of OFFICINA ARNO. At the time, the workshop built mechanical machines, intended for the transport and initial processing of the grapes (harvest wagons, destemmers, elevators).

Over the years, the “Officine Arno” attentive to technologies and proactive towards the needs of the wine market, perfects its production with innovations and patents. This has led to an expansion of the range of machines with specific and diversified functions and uses. In addition to ingenuity, the design and construction of electric pumps, fillers, transport systems, which have contributed to transforming the craftsmanship vision of the workshop into an industrial company in progressive development. It was in 1988 that Officina Arno was officially transformed into ENOITALIA srl, with numerous patented products (harvest wagons, centrifugal pumps, destemmer, Extravelvet system), which have found success and spread in the wine market.

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The Enoitalia company originated in 1960 making its way into the wine sector. Today it has more than 200 products spanning multiple sectors, always maintaining reliability and durability over time as its focus. In fact, our company continues to produce machinery and accessories dedicated to the world of wine, but also caters to the large fruit sector and other sectors to always respond promptly to the needs of multiple markets.

Made In Italy
EnoitaliaGroup manufactures totally Made in Italy plants and machinery.
Our preliminary consultation will help you in the right choice according to your needs.
Design of customizable machinery of all types and sizes.
Installation of your plant, or machinery, carried out by expert staff.
Reliable and expert after-sales technical support on your machinery.
From consulting to installation

Our Service

Thanks to the years of experience gained in the sector, our technicians are able to offer specific solutions and projects to meet the needs and requests of each of our customers.

The solutions we provide are customized, functional and efficient, designed and produced with cutting-edge tools and materials, while maintaining competitive prices.Over the years our sales network has developed in over 70 countries around the world, in order to offer reference points. stable for the sale and service of our machinery. Our staff also provides logistics solutions aimed at satisfying every transport need. Our customers will then have an efficient after-sales support at their disposal, with dedicated technicians, who will be able to solve any possible problem from installation to product maintenance. The components of our machinery are covered by a guarantee and are always available and ready for delivery. Enoitalia offers a 360-degree customer service, from design to maintenance.

Our Worth


“Creation of value through the production of goods and services for maximum customer satisfaction, and with due respect for workers and the environment”

Maintaining a high level of services and operational capacity that the ENOITALIA company offers translates into a deep integration between the specific needs of the client and the daily comparison with the evolution of the reference markets.

Each new product derives from an in-depth study of the real needs of the end user, from a careful evaluation of economic and production feasibility, from compliance with current regulations, to ensure an effective and efficient solution, lasting and reliable over time.

Our historical Patents
Our Worth


Being recognized not for the cheapest, but for the best.

Provide those who rely on our company the security of having great products available, the certainty of having found a company that pursues a continuous commitment to improve, the satisfaction of collaborating with a transparent and rigorous organization.

We want to be a company of inspiration for the market, a reference point for the quality and efficiency of Made in Italy in our sectors.

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